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Colonial's big break came during World War II, when they were commissioned by the U. government to manufacture military jack knives and the famous Mark 1 Navy Deck Knife for Americans fighting abroad. The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish it had a wood on the sides instead of plastic.Since then, they've diversified their lineup to include some of the best rescue tools, tactical knives, multitools and pocket knives on the market today. But in the big picture that is simply cosmetics and does not affect the performance of the knife.They are considered an elite light infantry and Special OPS group performing raids, rescue, CQB, sniper, and recovery operations.A long-standing heritage and tradition dating back to Roger's Rangers, during America's colonial period.Over the next 40 years Colonial Knife grew adding over 150 product lines and during the 1960's enjoyed the reputation as the world's largest knife manufacturer.

Their training is incredibly tough and they are HARD TO THE CORE!

On the second floor there is a further bedroom with en suite shower room and an attic room.

This, and the neighbouring panelled west hall, with its sweeping staircase, provides access to the well-proportioned reception rooms.

Adams Rib is not well known which is a shame since it has a refined elegant look.

The design is narrow ribs with smooth bands near the rim.

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